Super Visa Insurance is a mandatory requirement for participants in Canada’s Super Visa for Parents and Grandparents . Since December 1, 2011, new super visa has come into effect called multiple-entry visa for Parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents have a new option for visiting Canada. They may be eligible to apply for the Parent and Grandparent Super Visa and enjoy visiting their family in Canada for up to two years per visit without the need to renew a visa for up to ten years.

Applicants applying for a Super Visa are eligible only if they have following documents:

  • A valid travel document (such as a passport) with two recent passport photographs of each family member.
  • Provided proof of the parent or grandparent relationship to the Canadian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You may need to include other documents such as identification cards, employment proof, birth certificate and a letter of invitation from relatives or friends in Canada.
  • Undergone a medical examination and are admissible on health grounds.
  • Invitation letter from your child or grandchild that includes arrangements for care and support and indicates the number of people residing in their household in Canada.
  • proof of income from your child or grandchild at a level meeting or exceeding the Low-income Cut-off for the total number of persons.
  • Proof of medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company should include these points:
    1. Is valid for a minimum of one year.
    2. covers the applicant for health care, hospitalization and repatriation.
    3. provides a minimum of $100,000 coverage.
    4. Is valid for each entry to Canada and available for review by the examining officer upon request.

Benefits of Super Visa Insurance:

  • Covers costs of health care and hospitalization.
  • Choose from $100,000-$200,000 in protection for flexible, convenient coverage.
  • 100% refunds if your application is denied by the CIC.
  • Includes Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit equal to overall coverage amount.
  • It allows family members of citizens or permanent residents the opportunity to stay in the country with their loved ones for two years instead of the six months allowed under a regular visa.

Who needs Super Visa Health insurance ?

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